Cremation Caskets

Opulent Mahogany


Opulent Mahogany

This is one of the most beautiful caskets built in the United States. It is made of solid mahogany. Even the beading, carvings and handle tips are made of solid mahogany. It has carvings of grapes and grape leaves on the panels, side and end lugs to add a special touch of elegance. The design reminds us of the preciousness of life and the great loss of our loved one. The carvings on the panels form hearts, the symbol of love. The panels are highly polished and the casket comes with floral beading on the top and base molding. It has solid mahogany goblet corners and an adjustable bed unless used for cremation. 

The interior is designed with the finest craftsmanship to match the impressive exterior. It is shown using rosetan crepe. It has a 5-flute center and double center rays. The casket comes with a full shirr interior. Note that many other options of fabric,color,or styles are available.

Our home page shows a photo of this unit with a custom  Asian interior in red velvet.